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Samos is a Greek island in the eastern Aegean Sea and belongs to the prefecture of Samos. The island is now known for its natural beauty, the traditional wine and touristic attractions, but also for the prominent personalities that emerged during the course of Greek history, such as the great mathematician Pythagoras, the philosopher Aesop and the astronomer and mathematician Aristarchus, who allegedly designed the first heliocentric chart of our planetary system. Furthermore, Samos is also known for the bronze statues and vases that were painted around 550 BC.

Samos is located 10 miles from Ikaria island, while the Asian coast (Turkey) is very close to the island (approx. 1300 m). The total length of the island from West to East is 26 miles and the maximum width from North to South is 11 miles, while the maximum altitude is 1443 m (top of mountain “Kerketefs”). The perimeter of the coastline reaches the 86 nautical miles and the total area of 477 sq Km. Samos is the birthplace of the great mathematician Pythagoras, the astronomer and mathematician Aristarchus, the philosopher Epicurus and according to many testimonies that of Asopos.

Samos: heaven is not far away!

The beautiful island of Samos is a unique place for holidays.

The blue waters of Samos will fascinate you!

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Samos is an island that has it all! Beaches for all kinds of tastes, wonderful villages, natural beautiful forests, charming places, delicious traditional food plus quality entertainment. You should be prepared to dedicate several days (at least 10) for the exploration of the island. A transportation medium is necessary to unveil all small and big secrets of this paradise!